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New UAE Golden Visa Rules Empower Property Buyers

Great news for those invested in UAE's booming real estate market - the government has introduced milestone-based eligibility for the 10-year golden visa, making the coveted long-term residency more accessible for property investors.

While the minimum property value requirement remains AED 2 million, investors can now apply for the visa after crossing the AED 1 million payment threshold, instead of full upfront payment earlier. This provides more flexibility to gain golden visa benefits progressively as you hit payment milestones.

Advantages of Owning a Slice of the UAE:

- Permission to reside in the UAE for a decade without requiring a national sponsor

- Ability to sponsor family - spouse and children - to live with you in the UAE

- Freedom from employment sponsorship - switch jobs easily without impacting visa status

- Unlimited entry and re-exit into the country

- Potential for greater return on investment in case of sale

Combine this with strong capital appreciation, rental yields of 6-10%, and high Living standards in the UAE, and you have a win-win scenario boosting your lifestyle, family security, and wealth.

Our experts have hand-picked the best high-ROI projects across Dubai with payment plans tailored to reaching the AED 1 million mark - your gateway to the 10-year residency. We also offer guidance on mortgages and post-handover rental management for maximizing returns.

With the Expo spotlight on UAE, flexible new rules are making it easier than ever to invest in your future in this oasis of safety, security, and stability. Talk to us today to leverage this opportunity.

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